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Puppy introduction grooms are so important; they allow the little ones to become desensitised to the grooming process during what's called 'the Juvenile Period' (12wks-6m), they become more focused within this time and their learning capacity is at it's highest, allowing us groomers to ensure the experiences they have are positive ones that are remembered!

Our puppy introductions are aimed at the pups under 6 months old, with the intention of easing them into the grooming process for their full experiences in later life. This can be carried out once your pup has had their second injections, and ideally the younger, the better!

Included is  a puppy bath, with our most sensitive shampoo, a low blow dry, full pedicure (nails and feet trimmed), hygiene area clip and a face trim.

It’s recommended that a full groom is not carried out on a puppy under 6 months old, as coat texture & condition may be altered, although, some cases may vary. 


Aimed at dogs 6 months old and above, all of our full groom packages will include a double bath, blow dry, full pedicure, ear clean, hygiene area clip and any breed suitable groom, whether this be a pet or show trim or a handstrip.

We also have a de-shed package designed around our moulting breeds which focuses solely on the removal of dead hair or "undercoat"; the full groom will be performed as normal but alternate shampoos, dryers and tools will be used to aid in this de shedding process.

We also offer luxury add-ons, including teeth cleaning and descaling, extra shampoos, insecticide treatments, blueberry facials, deep paw massages and then for our more punky pets there's always creative hair colour! Please ask us about any add ons in store.


 We do offer cat grooming! Our cat grooming appointments will not overlap with dog grooms and your cat will always have two handlers on them at all times, for complete safety. A full grooming cat appointment will include a thorough brush and comb through, any matted areas will be clipped out, a pedicure, a de-shed, and (if allowed) we will bath and dry the cat too. We also offer bespoke clips such as the "lion-cut" and we will fully shave a cat if deemed necessary. We find that, like dogs, it is best to desensitise a cat to the process, so we will always prompt for kitten baths and brushing if possible, and prevention is better than cure; so regular grooming will always be advised; at home and professionally. 

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